8 Tips To Increase Your Auto Repair Shop Profits

This blog post will help you boost profits of your automotive shop, enjoy increased productivity, and provide easier communicate with your customers. You’ll learn about the importance of automotive software solutions in your business. Follow the below-mentioned tips to improve your overall shop operations:

  1. Apply for Small Business Funding
    If you’re running an auto repair business and you need access to working capital, consider turning to a reputable business loan provider like First American Merchant. FAM offers exceptional business funding opportunities, including Cash Advances, to merchants of any type and size.
  2. Scan Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)
    If you scan a VIN, you won’t have to understand messy handwriting. This way, you won’t make mistakes and you’ll be able to save time.
  3. Use Shop Management Software to Get Pending Service Recommendations
    Almost 75% of vehicles being serviced need to have their oil changed. More than likely, they also need additional services or regular maintenance. Thanks to shop management software, you can keepthe service history of a vehicle and get suggestions that are either pending since a past appointment or have to do with regular maintenance.
  4. Use a Tablet or Mobile Device
    Wireless automotive software solutions enable technicians to meet customers at their vehicle and perform a digital inspection, take a repair order, and make process estimations.
  5. Use Wireless Software Technology to Make Things Easier
    Thanks to wireless software technology, you won’t have to deal with handwriting that is illegible. Also, the multi-point inspection and repair order process will be performed more rapidly. As a result, you’ll be able to service more vehicles.
  6. Add Photos to Vehicle Service Recommendations
    If customers don’t see any pictures, they tend to believe shops exaggerate the service quality they provide. Adding photosto your service recommendations can lead to increased repair order revenue from 15% – 90% on average.
  7. Text or Email Your Customers
    Use wireless automotive software featuring built-in text and email functionality to send estimates, multi-point inspections, photos and more, directly to your customers.
  8. Use Mobile Technology
    Mobile technology that is fully integrated with your shop management systemcan help you boost productivity. It can help you automatically sync data compiled from a handheld device into the shop management system without difficulty.

Thanks to modern technology solutions, your customers will leave your auto repair shop with a smile. If making your customers happy is a priority for you, follow the above-mentioned tips to make the auto repair process at your shop more productive.

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