How to prepare your exhibition booth

The presentation of your exhibition booth in Montreal would be nothing without the proper preparations. Archex helps youthrough each step of the way, either by offering exhibit booth rental services, manufacturing and dismantling trade show booths or by offering event management . To give you an idea of what to expect when preparing your portable exhibition booth in Montreal, read the following:

First of all, if you have never been to a trade show, take the time to visit one for the experience as a customer. See how everything works and seek inspiration from what you preferred.

If you are wondering what Archex can design for your exhibition booth, consult our portfolio with our modern and professional creations that have been tailored to our customers needs . Many opportunities are available to help you reach your target audience, but once you have chosen where to place your exhibit booth, review the regulations of the event to avoid unpleasant surprises that could become costly.
You will then need a plan to facilitate communication with the organizer, predict the construction needs and evaluate the costs. Remember to think about electricity, internet and electronic appliances that you may need to make sure everything is available. Prepare a list in advance of everything that you need to bring in order to be sure nothing is forgotten due to stress . Those who pass your exhibition booth should not leave empty-handed and you should consider giving away promotional gifts, items for sale, business cards, press kits and/or snacks.

Think in advance, especially for transportation, in order to have time to correct any problem. It’s not just your banner stand that must be well organized, but the ability to cater to those who will participate. Meet the people who will participate in order to properly establish with them what will be presented, determine roles and explain key points of the presentation.

Promoting your company exhibition booth is not only held the same day, you can take the opportunity to talk about the event on social networks. A great example of this would be announcing that a gift will be offered to the first fifteen people who will present themselves at the portable display. Prospects will often be more eager to meet with you if you send them an email. When everything is prepared, all that is left is to enjoy the day, which should take place well after all these efforts.

At Archex , we are here to help you organize your exhibit booth In Montreal to offer your prospects a memorable experience provided by your business. Our experts will accompany you during the whole process and give you our top tips to make this day a success, while saving your time and money. Contact us now if you have any questions or if you are interested in attending a trade show.

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