Preparing For Change With Knowledge & Experience: Scott Snook

When a leader can’t properly cope with change, an entire operation suffers. You can apply the same sentiment to a business. If a CEO isn’t well trained in change management, then when obstacles arise that create major internal upheavals (and they will), the company and its employees will be negatively affected.

How organizations deal with change, and their subsequent success or failure, is a notion leadership speaker Scott Snook has dealt with first hand.

Currently the MBA Class of 1958 Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and holding a Ph.D in Organizational Behavior, Scott also has a past in the U.S. military, and has a decorated combat history, having received numerous awards and actually led several militarist operations.

With both an academic and military background, Scott is something of an expert on change and leadership. He’s dealt with the hard decisions a leader must make in real-world situations and has a formal education in the theories that can be applied to an individual’s psychological reaction to change.

Nothing illustrates that fact better than Scott’s comprehensive study on the friendly fire shoot-down in Northern Iraq that occurred in 1994 aptly titled Friendly Fire. A report that won thethe Sage-Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Award from the Academy of Management, Friendly Fire demonstrates Scott’s ability to apply academic theory to real-world scenarios and is rich with information on the processes that go into making important decisions in a stressful environment.

Any business leader would benefit from reading Friendly Fire and acquiring the knowledge Scott has imparted within the study. Obviously, being able to speak with Scott one-on-one and have him explain his findings would be a far superior scenario, which can be a reality.

Through the Sweeny Agency, Scott’s wide depth of knowledge on Change Management can be acquired by any business leader. Scott has even created a presentation based on Friendly Fire titled “Leading Complex Organizations: The Friendly Fire Shootdown Over Northern Iraq.”

During Scott’s presentation, he dismantles the event that led to the deaths of twenty-six peacekeepers into specific scenarios, with each revealed to audience members one by one. With the audience participating throughout the narrative journey, Scott delves into the mechanics of leadership and coordination, while asking participants what they would have done in the scenario.

By the end of the presentation, viewers are shown exactly what happened during the friendly fire shootdown, but not before asking the audience what they would have done. The result is a rather powerful lesson on change management from a real-world context.

No doubt the leader of any organization could learn from Scott’s experiences and knowledge, with the Friendly Fire presentation being a prime example of this statement. To learn more about Scott Snook and read up on other presentations he’s prepared, head to his speaker profile here.

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