Reduce your business communication cost significantly

Communication is a major cost in any business and all enterprises want to reduce it as much as possible. If you want to see your telephone bills reduced, you can hire a reputed company named itPBX who can help you in this regard. They offer a wide range of services and the biggest advantage is that they can make a customized solution as per your budget and needs. Within a month of installing their devices, you can see for yourself that your communication bills have halved. This will not only help to improve the overall productivity of your company, but will also enhance the security of your company to a great extent.

The company also offers Internet phone service technology. It is a much cheaper option of receiving and making phone calls. This is a unique system where the telephone call is converted to data and will be transmitted to the receiver through the internet connection which you are already using. This is a very cheap and useful method to an enterprise which needs to make many international calls. If any enterprise installs this system in their office, it can save up to 70% of their phone bills on international calls. It will also help to eliminate the unnecessary equipments needed for a telephone connection as the process is very simple to install. You can hire itPBX for installation of this service as they not only have an expert technical staff but they also use high quality technical equipment which will last for years.

Moreover, the company also offers IVR solution for call centres. This system has got many advantages which is beneficial to both small and large enterprises. As said earlier, itPBX offers solution to both small and large companies, customizing solutions for each of their clients. The system installs a digital voice interactive response where the caller can get all the necessary information from a digital voice. This feature is very important and useful, especially during the rush hours when hundreds of people are calling at the same time. After getting all information, if the caller still wants to speak, it can even direct the call to the respective department.

Another big advantage of this system is that callers can speak to the company and get information even after the business hours is over. The callers can easily be directed to the respective departments by their name or extension number. It is a very useful thing to the smaller companies who cannot afford to hire so many people to answer to so many calls. They offer basic IVR services, which are ideal for small companies. Here the call centre manager even has got the option of changing the functionality of the system. eIVR solution is given to large companies. It is really powerful and strong and users can get data access from multiple sources.

Last but not the least, the company offers cloud storage service where the company can safely store their data, which is very vital to a company doing business in the modern days.

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