What to Expect From a Good Binary Options Broker like UltraTrade

UltraTrade: What to Expect From a Good Binary Options BrokerUltraTrade is a new player in a dynamic field of binary options trading. As a newcomer it offers the latest trading technology as well as perks to attract new clients. This article is useful for those traders who seek to enter binary options trading, or those who seek a better alternative for their trading needs. Here, we present an overview of the services offered by UltraTrade.

Asset types

What is exciting with binary options is that you can trade multiple assets from a single account. With UltraTrade, you get access to stocks and indices, commodities, and foreign exchange pairs. That’s an alternative to having three separate accounts: the first for stocks, the second for commodities, and the third for forex.

Binary options types

There are many binary options bets you can make. One is One Touch Options where the bet is won once the asset price touches a specified level during option’s lifetime. There are also Ladder Options with which the payout increases for each price level.

Moreover, there are binary options offered with which the asset needs to close above a certain level (for a Call) or below it (for a Put) when the option expires. These options can be purchased for ultra-short term, such as 60-seconds, and increase in time to longer term options.

Whatever is your trading horizon, or a strategy, it becomes quite simple to pursue it with binary options.

Trading platform, research, and customer support

UltraTrade uses modern technology. When you select an asset type, you will see a chart with which you can perform technical analysis. When you select an option (i.e. 60-seconnds) and a direction (Call or Put), you will see the payout percentage (such as 85%).

By entering a bet amount, you’ll see the potential payout amount on your bet, and you’ll know in advance what’s the risk you’re taking (which is limited to your bet).

UltraTrade provides daily and weekly market reviews, binary options trading signals, an Economic Calendar, and even 1-on-1 trading sessions for selected customers.

All the clients get full customer support and trading e-books with whatever the amount they deposit. Accounts can be opened with as little as $350, while those who deposit more get cash bonuses and additional benefits such as sessions with a top analyst.

If you’re looking for flexibility when trading, high potential payouts, limited risk, and simplicity when it comes to placing your bets, then binary options trading should be considered.

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